spare no man
by the sign of fire, you shall know me.
burning sword, guide my hand
burning vessel, spare no man
who dares to stand and lie before me.

to leave
a voice i couldn't see
a dream i didn't need
we ask you to leave

winter's light
the light will change, the shadow fall:
these are the last days.
the wound remains, the ache of spring,
the endless sorrow: timeless, empty,
shadowed and vast.
in winter's light, the ache of spring,
the last days. i break the web --
the fragile thread --
that binds me to the ending dream,
and to all the things that never leave.

the root that grows in darkness:
it does not belong to you.
still the hand that severs the holy root.
thieves -- destroyers -- it never belonged to you.
thieves -- destroyers -- false harvest brings sorrow.

we don't come from nothing.
somewhere there is something.
even if you cannot see it
there is something to believe in.

you take nothing
you take nothing.
you fear me and my life
and there is distance, and there is ice
and you walk through this world of mine,
and i see through you and your lies.
you take nothing.