invocation part ii
all will not be revealed.
down through the fields of stars,
down through the holy dark,
i call you down.
sun on the water, cloud on the water
i call you down.

wash away
wash away the blood and dirt and water
and it's on my face
it's hard to see when the dark escape is in my way
i know i'm not easy to love but i will try today
wash away
if you can't stand up at least you will crawl away
the sun's in your eyes and it makes it hard to run
no one knows where you came from
the sun's in your eyes and it makes it hard to run

nameless constellation
you're coming down the mountain in slow and gentle motion
with nameless constellations of white stars on your back.
the moon is falling, the moon is falling
the moon has fallen, and we sent you back.
we left you in the house of still air
with mugwort, yarrow, and dry grass
your spirit passing through my hands
said, "remember everything."
i remember everything:
black trees circling,
black earth opening.

let there be breath that i see at night
fire, broken glass, and the push to feel alive
kill the rage that i am
build a fire in my house, breathe in the smoke
reach for the window, feel the push to stay inside
to really feel alive, for once
let the burn feel like love, let our eyes adjust to the dark

frail flame
"the head that will become a skull is already empty."
the body gives off no light.
it burns its flame inside -
that frail flame that dies in the annihilating Eye.
nothing is certain - i want to believe
there's something past its periphery.
nothing is certain - sometimes i can see
some bright spark that the Eye cannot reach.

it's all downhill from here.
i'm tired of the way they get your name wrong,
tired of the way i take the blame.
i'm not sorry.

the field
golden, the light was golden, gold and pouring, now we're safe.
some veil is dissolving and light shines from your face.
now only artemisia will grow in that place -
bitter and pure as the promise we made.
my old and secret kingdom has lost its boundary -
"broad is the road that leads to death, and thousands walk together there."
and now the field is open, the field is open, the field is opening.
the field is open, the field is open, i see it opening.

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